What is Glacier’s water?

Have you ever seen “Glacier”, a water dispenser, in front of many grocery stores? It looks like very cheap and poor, so we seldom see people buying water with it. Today, I want to touch on this dispenser, Glacier.

Let me talk about my conversation with my roommate when I was living in Gardena, California. My roommate was usually drinking brand bottled water, and sometimes boiled water when the bottled water has run out. One day, my roommate asked me for my water in refrigerator. I answered, “go ahead” and he drank it. After that, he said “How good this water’s taste is!”

The water was bought from Glacier, a water dispenser. I told my roommate that “I bought it with a dispenser located in front of Vons, a Californian grocery store chain.” He was so surprised at the fact and told me that I had never bought water with the dispenser, Glacier, because it looked so cheap and poor.

In fact, the Glacier makes reverse osmosis (RO) water in it. Its TDS is 25 – 40ppm, very soft. Also, its price is $0.35 per gallon, so it is so inexpensive compared with bottled water’s $1.00. It is surprising that the Glacier water is more delicious as well.

Let’s see how Glacier consists of.

① Advanced Carbon filter → ②Micron Filter →③Reverse Osmosis →④Post Carbon filter → ⑤Ultraviolet Light

As you can see, Glacier makes genuine RO water.

We provides RO systems as well. Only the difference is our system does not have ⑤UV process. Please compare between them with the following pictures.

In general, RO system cannot purify large amount of water at a time. So, RO system continuously makes purified water and store the purified water in its tank. The dispensed water comes from the tank. Mostly, the home use RO systems can make 50 gallons purified water per day. This specs vary by product.

Sometimes, we see “SOLD OUT” at Glacier. This means the dispenser does not have enough water amount in its tank. Although I do not know Glacier’s tank size, regular home use RO systems have mostly 5 gallons. However, in the tank, there is a balloon to dispense water, so its maximum stored water capacity is 80% of the tank.

When you see the Glacier’s display, the last maintenance day appears. Glacier’s service men constantly maintain its filters and so on, so we can safely drink Glacier’s water.

Let’s back to my roommate’s conversation. He told me that he would buy water with Glacier. I also mentioned that even if you boil water, some dissolved solids stay in water, so you should buy some purified water when drinking.”

People drink 0.8 – 1.0 gallons water per day. If you purchase bottles water, the cost is;

$1 x 365 days = $365 per year.

If you purchase Glacier water, the cost is;

$0.35 x 365 days = $127.75 per year.

This is “per a person.” If you have households, the cost would be above amounts times your family members.

When you install RO systems, you need to pay for the initial cost. However, it is much cheaper than multiple year’s costs spent for purchased water.

Many types of RO systems are selling in many places, but each system’s taste varies by product. We can provide a RO system with good taste. If you are interested, please contact us anytime. Also, we can offer RO systems for restaurant use as well as home use.

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