The Key for Taste is Water.

Do you like cooking? Cooking is fun and makes not only yourself but also your friends and families happy when you can cook very delicious dishes. 

Are you aware of water quality used in cooking? If you cook dishes just with tap water, your dishes would be worse than with purified water.

Tap water has a lot of dissolved solids such as chlorine, fluorine, calcium and magnesium. Public water supply system adds chlorine for disinfection. Chlorine is smelled a little so when drinking tap water, we feel a little special odor in the water and it is uncomfortable. To remove the chlorine, boiling or filtering water with active carbon is effective to remove the odor.

However, calcium and magnesium called minerals cannot be removed with boiling or filtering. To remove the calcium and magnesium, using reverse osmosis systems is one of the ways. The reverse osmosis system can remove not only calcium and magnesium but also chlorine and fluorine, so it is the best solutions to get drinking water and cooking water.

The reverse osmosis has very special way to removed dissolved solids. The reverse osmosis system has a membrane. Membrane consists of a very small pores that make only H2O molecules pass through. So, water passing through the membrane is very purified.

The amount of the dissolved solids is measure with TDS meter selling in Amazon and so on. TDS stands for “Total Dissolved Solid.” Its unit is represented as ppm standing for “Part Per Million.” In our research, the average tap water in San Antonio is 300ppm. The parts are mostly calcium and magnesium so this is the reason why the water is very hard.

Many water bottles are made by the reverse osmosis system. Its TDS is 25 to 30ppm. The reverse osmosis system can make the same quality as the bottled water. If you get a reverse osmosis system at home, you no longer have to buy a lot of bottled water for drinking. It means you can save daily costs dramatically.

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