Is This True that Softened Water cannot Rinse Soap Well?

Have you experienced not to rinsing soap off hands or body with softened water passing through a water softener? Because of this reason, some of people would decide not to install the water softener in your house. What is this residual soap?

First, the soap is not staying on your skin when washing with softened water. The soap may tend to stay when using hard water. What’s mean? The answer is soap scum.

The reason for the slimy feeing on the skin is our overproduction of body oils due to the pores being plugged with soap scum when people had hard water. Soap and calcium creates soap scum that sticks to your skin. This is why people with hard water experience dry skin. When you first use soft water, the scum is cleaned off and the pores are used to making too much oil because they can’t get it through the scum coat. After a month, the slippery feeling will be less pronounced as the pores begin to produce less oil.

Also, when using softened water, you can save soap consumption because the soap forms bubbles efficiently.

This is the reason for slippery feeing with softened water.

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