Hard Water Wastes Money!

In general, water is hard in American continent. According to U.S. Geological Survey called “USGS”, the center of American continent has very hard water. For the details, please refer to here.

San Antonio is located in the area where water is very hard. The average water hardness is 27 Grain per Gallon(GPG), categorized as very hard.

The cause of the hard water is minerals consisting of calcium and magnesium. With the hard water, more soap is required to wash body, dishes and so on. It is very costly and waste money unconsciously. Also, the calcium and magnesium sticks on appliances, so it becomes scales damaging them.

To prevent from scales, a water softener is required. The general water filters like active carbons and so on cannot remove such minerals at all.

Water softeners change the hard water to softened by ion exchange processes. Sodium ion is stored on softener’s materials called resin, and the resins release the sodium ions and adsorb the calcium and magnesium.

We can provide the solutions for the hard water and maintain the water quality perfectly. If you are interested, please contact us anytime.

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